About Our Company


In 1981, Dominic (Nick) Carlucci began an internship with Jess Telles, Jr. (TRI Produce) as seasonal employment.  At the end of the summer, he was offered a full time position in the Transportation division.  Tri Transport consisted of 50 power units transporting Cotton, Corrugated Cardboard, bulk Wine and Cantaloupes.


In the Early 1980’s Nick advanced to Operations Manager for TRI Transport, Inc.  The Company was now operating approximately 75 power units and added bulk Grape hauling and Aggregate Rock to their list of commodities.


In 1989, The Telles Family awarded Nick the General Manager position of Tri Transport.  Bulk Tomato hauling was new to the commodity list as well as 25 power units.  During the next few years, the west side of the valley suffered a water shortage.  This was difficult for this large farming operation to survive and they ceased operations at the end of 1992.


In January of 1993, James and Diane Telles merged with Nick and Sally Carlucci as partners in the newly formed Telles Transport, Inc., (TTI). With the support of their past customers, TTI continued hauling Cotton, Corrugated Paper, Tomatoes and proudly added Bulk Onions to their commodities.  They purchased the Administrative Office at 1487 13th Street, Firebaugh.  They moved the 100 power units and trailers into today’s current Truck Terminal on 7161 Washoe Avenue, Firebaugh, CA.


1998-2000, a new acquisition took place.  The Carlucci Family and the Telles Family acquired Hicks and Messer (H&M Trucking) in Patterson, CA.  With this new purchase, the two families formed CarTel Transport, LLC., and added two commodities: Fresh Vegetables (farm to processor) and Vegetable Transplants.  The fleet continues to grow.


The Year Was 2001, Nick & Sally Carlucci formed “CARLUCCI TRANSPORT”.  Carlucci Transport engaged in the transportation of Petroleum Products and Aggregate Rock.


In the early 2000’s, Telles Transport, Inc., was dissolved.  The Carlucci’s purchased the remaining shares of Cartel Transport.  The Carlucci’s operate Cartel Transport, LLC., as well as Carlucci Transport, under sole ownership.  Carlucci Transport and Cartel Transport were expanding.  The Fleet and Commodity list was on the rise.


In February 2004, California Air Resource Board (CARB) set new regulations to be phased in over a 15-year period.  We immediately started to upgrade the fleet to comply with the CARB Compliancy Laws.

2010-2014 were action packed years.  Early 2010 was the start of a new year and new face.  The company began the phase out of Cartel Transport and into their sole brand “Carlucci Transport”.


Another equipment purchase was made to accommodate a new tomato contract.  Carlucci Transport was now operating 200 power units servicing the entire State of California.  We are proud to say that we are one of the largest haulers of raw bulk processing tomatoes in California.


The purchase of the Firebaugh Truck Terminal took place and our Commodity list included: Cotton, Corrugated Paper, Onions, Rock, Sand, Gravel & Oil, Bulk Tomatoes, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Bulk Nuts, Packaged Nuts and Vegetable Transplants.


Carlucci Transport continues to improve its carbon footprint.  Carlucci Transport not only continues to meet, but stay ahead of the State of California’s (CARB) compliancy laws.


2015 – Current.  Over the last 10+ years, Carlucci Transport proudly continues to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect our air quality by operating 100% Fully CARB Compliant.  We continue to improve our fleet and carbon footprint.  Carlucci Transport not only continues to meet, but stay ahead of the State of California’s CARB compliancy laws.


We continue to grow and provide our customers with 220 modern fuel efficient power units, two terminals, impeccable service and experienced staff, GPS Tracking service for power units and trailers, a wide variety of trailing equipment for all your hauling needs.  We continue to focus on safely and our commitment to working together with our customers to achieve mutual goals.  Earning your business one mile at a time!