At Carlucci Transport, our fleet constantly ranks as one of the
youngest in the industry. The average age of the fleet consisting of 225 Peterbilt and Freightliner Power Units is 1.91 years. Our entire Fleet is CARB Compliant with todays Air Board Laws. It is important to us to run efficiently and improve our Carbon Footprint. We take pride in keeping our equipment clean and well maintained. All of our units are equipped with full Messaging, GPS and Al Dash Cams. Our 24/7 dispatch can inform our customers as to the exact location of their loads. 



Trucks & Specialized Trailers

For all of your transportation needs.

Power Units:

  • Modern Peterbilt & Freightliner
  • 2 Axel Power Units
  • 3 Axel Power Units
  • Low Profile 22.5 Tires with all aluminum rims
  • Super lightweight
  • Latest Technology


Specialized Trailers:

  • Double Bottom Dumps
  • Tankers
  • Low Beds

Agriculture Transportation

Carlucci Transport specializes in Farm to Processor. With our extensive equipment and trailer inventory, we are available for all your transportation needs. We provide maximum payloads by operating lightweight fuel efficient equipment.

  • Double Hoppers with Extensions
  • 48’ Semi Flats
  • 53’ Semi Flats
  • 24’ Double Vegetable Racks
  • 24’ Double Flats with Tomato Tubs

Freight Transportation

We provide our customer base with more options to
move freight with us. Whether it is Flatbed or Vans, we
attain the means to ship it.

  • 48’ Dry Vans
  • 53’ Dry Vans
  • 48’ Semi Flats
  • 53’ Semi flats