Carlucci Transport is a Premier Leader in the Transportation Industry. With 225 Tractors and more than 1000 Trailers, we are able to provide endless Transportation Services. We specialize in Agriculture and Freight Transportation. Over the years, we have built our reputation based on services, perfomance and relationships.

Our Transportation services start with prompt attention to our customer’s requests. Our experienced transportation team will quickly determine the most efficient way to move your freight and supply you with a competitive rate quote. Our goal is simple: Meet the needs of our customers and strive for excellence one mile at a time!




Carlucci Transport prides itself in maintaining an impeccable safety program. We strive to keep our clients, drivers, as well as the public,
safe from preventable incidents and personal injury. Since the implementation of our Safety Program, the amount of accidents and personal injuries has decreased significantly. Our fleet is equipped with Al Dash Cams to analyze the road and driver behavior in real-time for management and driver safety compliance. All employees must meet our extensive hiring process: Approval by our Insurance Company, Pre-employment Drug and Alcohol tested as well as a Federally mandated random drug and alcohol program, DMV approved medical exam, background and reference check. All Drivers  travel  company approved routes. Safety is our number one priority and our Insurance Rating and Safety record is a testament to that.


We are proud to state that we maintain a satisfactory DOT (Department of transportation) Inspection rating for over 40 years. The DOT Inspection is mandated by the California Highway Patrol. Our preventative maintenance and driver’s records are maintained by law. Carlucci Transport also contains two full service shops. All our power units are serviced at our Company owned Terminals under the  watchful eye of our trained and certified


When it comes to technology, Carlucci  transport is on the leading edge, offering State of the Art GPS Messaging and Load Tracking Systems to pinpoint the exact location of your product at all times. All Power units are equipped with full GPS Tracking Systems. Drivers travel designated GPS routes. To ensure a timely delivery, any deviation from the GPS route, creates an alert to our Dispatch Technicians. Carlucci Transport assures you that you will never run out of your product. We recognize that many of our/your customers want deliveries scheduled precisely for their operating convenience. We provide timely and reliable transportation and communication services while your inventory is under our custody and control. Beginning with the initial service request through confirmation of delivery.
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In 2008, the California Air Resource Board made it illegal to idle new diesel powered trucks with weights over 14,000 lbs for more than 5 minutes, These newer model diesel engines are equipped with a system that automatically shuts off after five minutes. We are proud to display our Clean Idle stickers.


The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has implemented that all diesel fueled trucks and trailers operating in California are required by regulations to take steps to reduce air pollution. Our fleet is 100% CARB Compliant with today’s laws.